Floral Spiced Breakfast Tea

Floral Spiced Breakfast Tea


Wake Up Happy! Floral Spiced Breakfast Tea

An amazingly balanced combination of tea, sweetness and spice with an aroma to die for. This premium black tea contains hints of spiced honey and malt, blended with our floral fruit and spice mix. 


Serving suggestion

 For the best results always use fresh, filtered water. Add 1 teaspoon per cup*. Brew with boiling hot water 2-4 mins and serve with sweeteners if desired.

 *Amount of tea and brewing time can vary based on personal preferences. Higher quantities and longer brew times result in more concentrated tea.


Contains Caffeine Naturally

Origin: India, Egypt, Albania and Germany

Ingredients: black tea, mandarin peel, all spice, cardamon seeds, apple pieces, cinnamon, rose petals and calendula petals^

^Our tea supplier is Australian Certified Organic (